Out of the throes of the lockdown, we are recognizing a new phenomenon taking place, and it’s called COVID Burnout. What are the symptoms?

  • The slothfulness tied to never being able to leave the house, and leisurewear has become our garderobe de rigueur.
  • If Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram made offline time a dying artform, our binge ZOOMing has made the beforementioned forays a leisurely walk in the park.
  • The internet rabbit hole has reached its zenith, partially as a drug to placate the numbness tied to our incessant coronaennui.
  • The inability to keep pace with the ever-changing “plan”, which takes on a strange resemblance to the attributes found within the Little Engine That Could.
  • That feeling that you’re not really getting anything done. The real issue is that both priorities and benefits are often neither prevalent nor relevant.

Apart from the repercussions we can expect tied to the “social distancing” aftershocks, COVID Burnout is an affliction that should not be taken lightly. In spite of all that we have been convinced to believe, we do have a personal choice.

Analogue is the New Black