Since April 22nd, Düsseldorf has become a lot greener. The KO Bögen II had just finished the installation of the final plants required to make this #circularexperience unique.

This experience did not come cheap. At a cost of EUR500M, one can question whether the money could have been better spent on one of the myriad causes we have been confronted with due to the lockdown. There was plenty of criticism from residents in Winter when the facade of the edifice was brown, but it appears that the city residents became amazed when everything turned green

Especially within the societal and economic atmosphere linked to the tipping pointed initiated by COVID19, the prevalent mindset to be found is tied to sustainability…but not always in a positive way. Yes, the European Union has earmarked 30% of all stimulus funding to support green initiatives. If our goal is to ensure that our malaise does not get any worse, then we shouldn’t be surprised that we all become unwilling actors in the game of survival.


I continue to look for a brighter new day


Projects like the KO Bögen II give me such hope! This project was ambitious. The risk of creating such a complex for the first time places the initiators in a vulnerable position. Things can go wrong, and we are always quick to denunciate such risk-takers as the destroyers of our way of life. Within that world I want to live in, let’s be proud of those things that are part of us. Where we live clearly falls within this category.


A Circular Experience


Such a creation such as the KO Bögen II allows us, city people, to revel in the beauty of nature. Instead of planting a few extra trees in our surroundings, this initiative reminds us daily that we are part of nature and allows us to receive that reminder as the year passes through. We all know the building will not stay green much longer this year. Come fall, I suspect the building will take on an orangish tinge.  To watch this happen would be reason enough for me to make a sojourn to Düssseldorf.

Yes, the KO Bögen II will look barren come November and December, but this will only foster the longing in all of us for Spring to appear. After so many years as a transplant from Southern California, I still don’t stop counting the days when Spring will appear. Conversely, the last days of Summer is a time for me to appreciate that special time it has held since the days of grade school, where Summer meant time to do whatever I wanted…..more or less.

Speaking of Summer, I could imagine the KO Bögen II truly being an oasis in the middle fo Düsseldorf around this time of the year. Nature provides if we let her.

Once tourism returns to normalcy, Düsseldorf has a new attraction for people to augle. Nature as a city attraction.

Think of the businesses that call the KO Bögen II their home. Even if not deserved, they immediately have circularity street-cred.

The most striking reason for me to relish in the accomplishment coming out of North-Rhine Westphalia is tied to my own vision of that world I want to live in, and this is all part of that circular experience I strive for.