I have positioned myself far, far away from the mainstream for as long as I can remember. This has led me to situations that some would consider unnecessarily difficult, but I always felt that any other path would never be good enough for me, and so I have chosen to live with those consequences. This also includes expressing alternatives that might seem obtuse, fanciful, or simply just strange. This worldview does not necessarily make one popular, but I have fortunately come to terms and live very comfortably within my niche. It has allowed me to submerge myself into different cultures and “career paths”, and I consider all these choices to constitute what I am and relish the entire journey.

Time of Polarization

This path has made it very easy for me to recognize the fallacy of absolutism, which has allowed me to connect with people with disparate views and backgrounds. Each one of these connections is a present that I cherish and reflect on always.

Be it urban vs. rural, region vs. region, or sister vs. brother, we have considered this situation to be normal and therefore not worth rebelling against. Reality tells us that our position within society is neither good nor bad but falls somewhere within a spectrum in relation to the mainstream.

Those who have freed themselves from the shackles of conventional wisdom often hold one strong purpose within a multitude of affinities. We hold multiple anchors and relish within that condition.

Edges Connect

Those placed at the edges of these societal spectra hold a unique position to act as a conduit between different identities. We are not engulfed in minutiae but rather are searching for those commonalities that are always present….if you want to find them.

It is time for all of us who see ourselves as residents of the edge to fulfill our duties that are directly tied to our unique insight. How do we help break the current patterns by convincing others that they are empowered to help improve their current state? We act as the conduit between different groups to show others that it is possible to foster the transformation required for all of us to thrive.

That journey does not guarantee success, but it allows me to achieve my goal of inner sufficiency.