Learning should inspire others to go beyond their current capabilities.

We’ve made this our mission. Be it eLearning, blended learning, training, mentoring, coaching or consulting, what drives us is to inspire passion in others

“ I have to say that your training and all your explanations were, by miles, the best training classe and materials that i’ve seen since the beginning of my professional career. ”

— Ricardo Pimentel, Senior Business Analyst / Product Owner chez Eurofins,
Luxemburg, 02nd February 2017

“ Thank you for a great course – I have learned much more than I had expected I would and feel it has inspired me and given me a great base to explore and learn further. ”

— Noelene Noone, Senior Business Analyst at FinGlobal,
Cape Town Area, South Africa, 03rd April, 2015

Our focus concentrates on four areas

  • The promotion of agile organizations
  • Non-profit community building
  • Scarcity and waste avoidance as a souce of innovation
  • The circuar economy as an agent of growth through different business models nad a focus on the customer experience

I’m Not Here

The personal effects tied to two months of lockdown are for all to see. The real question is whether we feel #empowered to do something about it #coronachangeseverything #isolation #downtime…

Analogue is the New Black

Every time I visited somebody for the first time, I would rummage through their record and book collections. Oh, the joy of finding an obscure record or one of your favorite books in someone else's…

It Takes a DIY Hand Sanitizer

The DIY hand sanitizers developed their own tribe where they could share their concerns, their feelings of isolation and helplessness, and they knew that the others in the tribe would understand and…

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