If we want to be adaptive, then we need to create a culture where people feel empowered, managers get rid of the impediments that hold their teams from their tasks, and that teams relish in thier success in doing things together.

" But if I‘m building something that nobody wants, why would I be proud that I did it on time an on budget? "

— Eric Reis

Why are Agile Service Delivery so much more effective at driving results? Because they focus on the desired outcome.

Electric Utilities

When customers only have a positive experience in one department

Customer Satisfaction

When the entire experience is fulfilling

Customer Satisfaction

Fulfilling experience exchanged with others

Positive Experience Gone Viral

Source – McKinsey

" Some neat touches on persona (stakeholder) analysis, user stories, storyboarding and decomp within agile. Another key take-away – agile is a mindset. Environmental factors are an inescapable influence on projects and aligning stakeholder mindsets is key for getting adaptive models to work. "

— Michael Angelucci, Business Project Manager, Mother Parker’s Tea & Coffee Inc.,Etobicoke, ONTARIO, Canada, 11th October, 2016

I’m Not Here

The personal effects tied to two months of lockdown are for all to see. The real question is whether we feel #empowered to do something about it #coronachangeseverything #isolation #downtime…

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