It Takes a DIY Hand Sanitizer

In 2019, three sisters living in Southern California decided to start their own Youtube channel primarily to do something together.

Often, they would exchange their homemade DIY creations with each other and thought that others could use such tips. This was enough reason to start, they thought.

They started with ideas for Halloween and Christmas, and then one of the sisters recommended putting together a show tied to a homemade hand sanitizer.

Their video went viral, but not for all the typical reasons one might think. Yes, washing hands is a big topic these days. People were very appreciative of a solution many can put together themselves at this critical time dealing with COVID 19. Perhaps this was not the main reason though.

The hand sanitizer was the trigger for something much bigger. The coronavirus and the corresponding societal restrictions have left a number of individuals in our society very insecure. The DIY hand sanitizer solution brought people together who had a common cause. DIY is empowering. It means you can do something on your own and are not dependent on others. That feeling is liberating; it gives people control and provides safety.

The DIY hand sanitizers developed their own tribe where they could share their concerns, their feelings of isolation and helplessness, and they knew that the others in the tribe would understand and provide support.

This story provides us again with a description of that secret sauce that needs to be provided to all, free of charge. Understanding and being understood is the basis of all meaningful relationships. This is easy to state but not always that easy to implement.

Sometimes, we need a DIY hand sanitizer to do the job for us…