Constraints drive innovation

We are dedicated in developing an atmosphere of using what we have to develop sustainable and valuable solutions.

" I loved your presentation today on Frugal Innovation. I'm a big believer, though had never used the same terminology. I am convinced we have to move in this direction for sustainability. Thanks so much for a great, thought provoking presentation! "

— Laura Carrington Duckett, Information Technology Project Management Office Director, Oak Ridge National Labratory,April 2018

Claude Levi Strauss ís one of the founding fathers of frugal innovation. His concept bricolage focuses on working with what you have instead of holding out for the perfect solution. A bricoleur is someone who uses whatever is at hand.

Just because it took longer or it cost more to produce does not mean it is better. Innovation often comes from individuals who are just trying to solve their own problems. Thomas Talhelm's story proves this point. He had just moved to China, was suffering under air pollution and came up with a solution using a HEPA filter clamped to a simple ventilator.

After investigation, he realized that the results he was able to achieve surpassed some professional air purifiers that cost over $1000.

" Michael is an excellent presenter and the topic of frugal innovation is very exciting. Good flow thru from needs to solutions using simple process, input, output models helped delivering the presenter message. "

— Antoine Youhana, IBM Dubai,May 2018

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